Physician Entrepreneurs Turning to Startups

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Physician Entrepreneurs Turning to Startups

For those of you interested in physician entrepreneurism and non-clinical careers . . . Forbes magazine posted an interesting article by David Shaywitz titled “Why Physicians Are Turning To Startup.”

Shaywitz writes, “While the motivation is probably slightly different for each physician-entrepreneur, I suspect that the common theme is a deep-seated passion for explosive, tangible real-world impact – and the optimism and conviction to believe you can achieve this.” He then goes on to break this observation into its separate components and elaborates on how each pertains to physicians considering entrepreneurial pursuits:



Tangible real-world


Optimism and conviction

To read the article please visit the Forbes website.

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  1. Vanderson says:

    Since you have at least 4 years to go to get a bachelor’s degere, and you can get the CNA relatively quickly, I would go for it . You will need medical experience to get in to the PA program anyway, and the CNA could be a jumping off point. Medical knowledge is never wasted. I do advise going to a PA program that is a masters as that will probably be the normal route once you graduate anyway. You have plenty of time to further plan out this career, so take your time get good grades and as much experience as you can. Good luck

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