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We see an increasing number of doctors deciding not to make a full switch to a non-clinical career. Instead, they reduce their clinical volume and add in another career component. This may take the form of consulting, part-time non-clinical work, freelancing, or career enhancement through an entrepreneurial pursuit.


The career component layered in can be almost anything, starting with some of the more common non-clinical areas:


Hospital administration

Medical education

Scientific/clinical research

Hospital administration

Pharmaceutical, biotech and device industries

Medical communications

Medical informatics

Health policy

Insurance industry



Medical associations

Public health

Creative arts related to medicine




Some physicians become involved in fields totally unrelated to medicine to supplement their careers and fulfill personal aspirations.


We want to hear from members and readers who are physicians with multifaceted careers. Your “story” can be anything from a one-sentence tip┬áto a few paragraphs that you feel would be helpful to others. Please email us. Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas and ecperiences with your physician colleagues.



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  1. After a career as an epilepsy specialist, I started working full time as a medical journalist 10 years ago. For the last 10 years, I worked full time as a medical journalist ( Last year, in order not to become clinically rusty, I started working again as a neurologist, this time as a neurohospitalist. The schedule (7 days on, 7 days off), allows me to continue working as a medical journalist on my “off” days. This year has been very busy because I’m full throttle at both careers-will have to reassess in a few months and see where to go from here. Anyone interested in following my publications can sign up at for updates a few times a month.

  2. les says:

    Interesting career segue. I’m curious, after 10 yrs of non clinical activity you felt comfortable enough to return to clinical work? Did you do anything to prepare yourself to return to clinical practice? Was there any pushback from either administration of other docs about ‘hiring’ someone who had been out of clinical practice as long as you had?
    Les Garson M.D.
    Santa Fe, NM

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