Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH, CPCC, PCC

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To better your understanding of non-clinical career options and/or facilitate your physician career change, today we introduce you to Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH, CPCC, PCC. Dr. Kennealy is President and founder of The Entrepreneurial MD.



She is a business advisor, coach and teacher to physicians grappling with the challenges of launching, building or growing their own successful practices or businesses. She is a board-certified Family Physician who left her own private practice in 1996 to embark on an administrative career as first Medical Director and then CEO of UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center. Subsequently, she served as Executive VP in two internet start-up companies, before launching her first coaching and speaking business, Oya Consulting.

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  1. Benoit Tano says:

    Hello Dr. Kennealy,
    I need help to start a coaching and speaking business and would appreciate your assistance.
    Please let me know if you can help.

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