Physician Consulting Seminar

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Physician Consulting Seminar

There are countless consulting opportunities for physicians of all specialties and backgrounds. But how do you get started? One good way is to attend the annual SEAK conference.

From the SEAK website: “A proven way to either supplement your income or transition out of a clinical career is to serve as a consultant. Consulting can be highly lucrative, most of the work can usually be done from a home office and overhead, start-up costs and risks are relatively small. This hands-on intensive workshop will show physicians how to start, build, and run a high paying consulting practice. Attendees will be guided to find their best consulting niches and be provided with strategies for getting started, building, marketing and expanding their new consulting practice. Emphasis will be placed on the practical needs of the physician and his or her consulting practice. Physicians will be provided the tools, forms, and checklists to get their consulting practice off the ground. At the conclusion of this two day seminar physicians should be able to:
• Identify a lucrative niche to offer consulting services in
• Develop an action plan for landing their first few clients
• Use techniques to build a superior consulting brand
• Discuss methods to make sure you are fully and fairly compensated for your expertise
• List methods for exceeding client expectations and excelling at consulting
• Identify and capitalize on emerging consulting opportunities
• Negotiate a premium consulting fee
• Identify the challenges and opportunities unique to physician consultants
• Explain the common ethical issues that physician consultants face”

More information can be found at the SEAK website.

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