Why Some Doctors Will Never Start a Business

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We recently came across an article by Evgenia Galinskaya titled “7 Reasons Why Some Doctors Will Never Start a Business.” Hang on. Don’t let the negative angle of the title stop you from reading. If you’re considering starting a business, you should take these to heart. If they don’t apply, then move on with even more confidence than before toward your entrepreneurial triumph. On the average, they are right on the mark, so check them out. And, by the way, we are posting a positive twist to this article right after this one, so be looking for reasons why doctors make great entrepreneurs as well.

For now, however, and according to the article, here are the reasons why some doctors may never start a business:

1. Caring (a lot) about what others think

2. Fear of failure

3. Fear of uncertainty

4. Fear of financial insecurity

5. Fear of “burning bridges”

6. Limiting beliefs

7. Perception of limited resources and information

To read the entire article, please visit this link.


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