Why Doctors Make Great Entrepreneurs

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We came across this article by Evgenia Galinskaya titled “7 Reasons Why Doctors Make Great Entrepreneurs.” The essence of the article kicks off in this excerpt:

“As we progress through medical training, many of us get so focused on ticking boxes that the ultimate success and professional achievement boils down to a simple formula: the minimum necessary number of hoops jumped in the shortest period of time to allow progression onto the next level. Whilst most of us meekly use this formula over and over again in the hope that “it’ll get better”, or at least “it’ll all be worth it in the end (by the time you are 68)”, some of our peers widen their horizons and enjoy creativity and work fulfilment through entrepreneurship.”

The article then goes on to discuss the 7 reasons, along with brief case studies of physician entrepreneurs:

1. Tenacity

2. Commitment to continuous professional development and learning

3. Passion for discovery: research, testing and experimenting

4. Desire to make a difference

5. Interpersonal skills

6. Pattern recognition

7. Dealing with uncertainty

To read the entire article, please visit this link.


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