Tips to Become a Winning Leader

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Tips to Become a Winning Leader

We came across an interesting post by Ken Sundheim on titled “The Foundation of Winning Leadership.” Here is a brief excerpt from the post:

“Few of us are born leaders. Many shy away from the job. And even more lack the dedication and passion it takes to mold and mentor a team of multifaceted talents.There are several reasons why certain professionals avoid management positions, or why management positions seem to avoid them altogether. While management isn’t for everyone, the leadership skills embraced by affluent, senior-level executives can translate to the success of any employee.”

The post goes on to describe five behaviors and habits of successful leaders:

1. Know your objective and execute accordingly

2. Establish an environment of effective communication

3. Practice precise time investment

4. Embrace risk, loss and failure

5. Stay disciplined

To read the entire post, please visit TheLadders website.

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