Physician Career Change: 10 Steps

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Physician Career Change: 10 Steps

Physicians looking to change to a non-clinical career should check out this post we found titled “The 10-Step Plan to Career Change: How to Successfully Change Careers.” The post, written by Randall S. Hansen, PhD, is available on the Quintessential Careers website.  Here are the steps. Check out the article for the full content.

Step 1: Assessment of Likes and Dislikes

Step 2: Researching New Careers

Step 3: Transferable Skills

Step 4: Training and Education

Step 5: Networking

Step 6: Gaining Experience

Step 7: Find a Mentor

Step 8: Changing In or Out

Step 9: Job-Hunting Basics

Step 10: Be Flexible

The website also provides helpful information such as:

  • guide to researching companies
  • resume resources
  • cover letter resources
  • interviewing resources
  • salary negotiation resources

Read the full article and tap into these additional resources at the Quintessential Careers website.

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  1. Jamie Hernandez says:

    I am an ob/gyn considering getting out of clinical practice. I am a young physician and have a young family to support, but am pretty depressed and already burn out in my current practice. Any advice would be appreciated.

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