Job Hunting Tips

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Job Hunting Tips

Physicians seeking a non-clinical job often fall into the same procrastination pitfalls as other job seekers. We recently came across a post by Yohana Petrovic on titled “6 Steps to Stop Procrastination When Job Hunting.”

Here is an excerpt from step #3, Create Your Plan of Attack:

“One of the main reasons people tend to procrastinate finding a new position is because they’re unsure of what kind of job they want, or which companies they’d like to work for. Creating an outline of your job search strategy before you begin will help get things on the right track.Thoroughly plan out how you will go about your job search, outlining your career objectives and the necessary steps it will take to achieve your career goals. Be definite of what type of work you want to do. Once you have that, determine which companies you know offer what you’re looking for and then narrow that list down to companies you want to work for.”

To read the entire post, please visit TheLadders website.


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  1. Shawn says:

    of those in business or gnervnmeot that they have no experience in patient care. Perhaps that is why the past and present systems of care are failing. They are designed by those who do not understand direct patient care. The conclusion is that decisions about health structures and processes need to be designed by both those who are expert at business and those who are expert at direct patient care.

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