Mid-Life Career Change Tips

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Doctors of all ages have visited Physician Renaissance Network and interacted with other members through our online networks. In our experience, the distribution of physicians looking to change careers seems to follow a bell curve peaking in mid-life and demonstrating an extended tail toward the older age groups. Physicians exploring a career change to non-clinical alternatives during mid-life face challenges that are often less extreme or even nonexistent in other age groups. As a result, we have been doing some online research to provide additional information to this age group. We found a great list of “85 ┬áMid-Life Career Change Tips” made available at this link by PositionIgnition, a career consulting and career management company based in the UK. By the way, don’t worry if you’re a bit younger or a bit older – we are continuing to find resources for you, and this article has so many tips that it is probably worth the read for you as well.

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