Career Transition Flow

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An interesting article on the CarerLab website identifies four stages of career change: Diagnosis, Market Readiness, Marketing, and New Beginning.


“Diagnosis involves structured testing and assessment, and detailed paper-and-pencil exercises to create a vision of your future . . .


Market Readiness involves preparing you to look good to employers: 1) determining your 6-12 core competencies [marketable skills], finding and writing your major work acccomplishments, creating your resume or C.V., compiling a list of friends and professional acquaintances, creating letters to executive recruiters or headhunters, letters to want ads and job postings . . .


In the “Offer Phase,” you sharpen your interviewing skills, learn to use “closing comments,” prepare for interviews [four hours of preparation for a one-hour interview], develop 6-12 “warm leads, continuously follow-up, and develop several job offers. You make counteroffers, negotiate salary, and accept the offer that best meets your needs. The outcome is a good fit . . .

New Beginning involves getting started on the right foot, transitioning out of the old, into a better future. The outcome is happiness, such that you’d say: ‘I am very happy, happier than I’ve been in years. Leaving clinical practice was the right decision, and I’m grateful for this new opportunity.'”


To read the complete article, please visit the CareerLab website.

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