Bharat Kholi, MD, MBA

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Bharat Kholi, MD, MBA

To better your understanding of non-clinical career options and/or facilitate your physician career change, today we introduce you to Bharat Kholi, MD, MBA. Dr. Knoli is Chief Medical Officer for AHRM Inc.


Dr. Kholi is a results orientated Physician Executive with a unique combination of clinical and business experience. He has over twenty years of experience in Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and Surgery, Hepatitis C, Nephrology, HIV, and Oncology Management.
Dr. Kholi has proven leadership capabilities and effective management of Hospital Administration, Research and Development, medical affairs, services, education, regulatory, disease management, utilization management and business development activities during previous diverse Physician Executive positions. He received his MD from the University of Toronto and his MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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