Physician Consulting: Boost Your Personal Brand

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Physician Consulting: Boost Your Personal Brand

For physician consultants and anyone seeking a non-clinical career . . . We came across a post by Amanda Augustine on titled “10 Ways to Boost Your Professional Brand.” The focus of the post was to help readers build a strong professional image in and out of the workplace to advance their careers. The tips are helpful in many types of situations, including the pursuit of a non-clinical career, physician consulting, and various aspects of physician entrepreneurism. Below is the condensed version of the list. The original post contains more detail and recommendations regarding each one.

1. Clean up your online presence.

2. Take a seat at the table.

3. Never stop learning.

4. Use your first and last name.

5. Get involved.

6. Recruit a mentor.

7. Exude confidence.

8. Stop apologizing all the time.

9. Toot your own horn.

10. Build a brag sheet.

To read the full post, please visit TheLadders website.

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