Career as a Physician Consultant

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Career as a Physician Consultant

Sylvia Morris, MD, wrote about physician consulting in a US News and World Report article titled, “Glimpse at a Career as a Physician Consultant.” Physicians with an entrepreneurial spirit who are considering supplementing their current career with nonclinical consulting or a potential full time career change will find a nice summary of the different types of physician consulting in this article.

Excerpts from the article:

“Physician consultants improve the human condition at the macro level, one business at a time. They use critical thinking and problem solving skills to identify an issue or apply medical knowledge in industries that are not led by physicians. Consulting is focused around the industry-client relationship, as opposed to the patient-centered relationship of direct medical practice.”

“One of the many advantages of medicine as a career is that the training has application in many fields and the knowledge and practical experience can be morphed to fit other industries. Work experience can be used to reinvent yourself in a new career where new skill sets can be learned without extensive retraining to help people from a different purview.”

To read the full article, please visit the US News and World Report website.

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