Non-Clinical Physician Career Story

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We came across a blog post on about a physician who left clinical practice to become a medical writer. The story is typical in many ways, but unique and revealing in others. If you are a physician interested in a change to a non-clinical career, the commentary following the article is also worth the read. Here is an excerpt from the blog post:

“After about six months of practice, I started thinking about a change. The anxiety-related GI symptoms, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, and Sunday night dread were definitely wearing on me. It was also wearing on my fiancé (now my husband) and our relationship. Fortunately for me, he was very supportive because he could see how miserable I was. My anxiety and physical manifestations weren’t getting better with time and experience, as I told myself they might. I started exploring my options while saving more of my paycheck, knowing that I would end up leaving this practice, if not clinical medicine entirely.”

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