Female Physicians Creating Alternative Career Paths

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Female Physicians Creating Alternative Career Paths

Female physicians are forging new paths into nonclinical careers. We recently came across a Medscape article by Stephanie Cajigal titled “Female Physicians on Creating Alternative Career Paths,” which addresses this topic.

The article features three successful female physicians:

Jessica Freedman, MD, Founder, MedEdits, a medical admissions advisory company

Farzanna S. Haffizulla, MD, President, American Medical Women’s Association

Pamela Wible, MD, Founder, Ideal Medical Care

Here is a brief excerpt:

“Women physicians in general are going to be navigating all of the changes in the healthcare climate. I’m seeing women who once felt compelled to either stay in a traditional practice setting, or one that was created already for them, now shift to owning their own businesses. So again, the issue of work/life balance is central to all of these changes that are happening. It leaves them empowered in the process.┬áIf you remain informed; are innovative in your practice design or in your approach to the practice of medicine; and maintain communication well among colleagues, friends, and other leaders, then you will be very successful in this process. It’s not a challenge, but more of a transformation that is happening that we just need to be aware of and go with.”

To read the entire article, please use your Medscape log-in information and visit the Medscape website.


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